WebServerDemo with IAR build problem

nobody wrote on Wednesday, August 30, 2006:


I’ve a problem when i try to build the WebServerDemo project for STR91X. I have the following error:

Error[2]: Failed to open #include file ‘ISR_Support.h’ C:\FreeRTOS\Demo\ARM9_STR91X_IAR\91x_vect_IAR.s 21

the line 21 is refered to: #include "ISR_Support.h"

I used a IAR Embedded Workbench ver 4.30a for ARM

Please help me.


nobody wrote on Wednesday, August 30, 2006:

This came up in the last couple of days.  Opening the project from an older version of IAR can remove all the proejct options, preventing the code from building and effectively destroying the project.

Download the latest version of the compiler that you are using (beit kickstart, eval or full), then create a fresh FreeRTOS installation (unzip the files again).  This should then fix your problem.