Release criteria of FreeRTOS v10.3.1

This query is regarding the release criteria of FreeRTOSv10.3.1. Is this release “stable” release or “bleeding edge” release. I need this information to decide whether v10.3.1 is safe for production use.

If it is not a “stable” release which is the latest stable version?

Hi @abhiburli, all of our releases are “stable.” You’ll find the latest or “bleeding edge” commits in the master branch of the kernel and FreeRTOS distribution repo.

You can alternatively find the latest on our path to an LTS offering on our LTS development branch.

Further to Rashed’s post, all stable releases are tagged and available as zip files

@rashed @rtel Thanks Rashed and Richard for your reply.

When can we expect the next “stable” release from freeRTOS. Is there a roadmap in place?

You can view our LTS roadmap at and you can view some of the notes we included on there. Additionally, we welcome feedback to our roadmap here within our Community Forums within the respective categories.

The LTS roadmap is predominantly for new libraries rather than more mature libraries. We will release a new kernel version soon - the main change being the ability to have multiple direct to task notifications per task. There is also a Linux port to complement the Windows port, and multiple other changes - you can see the history in the head revision of the Git repo I can’t say for sure when the final kernel release will be, but I am very curious as to why you are asking. Does the head revision of the kernel contain something you need right away?

@rtel @rashed Thanks for detailed information. I am asking these questions because we are currently using version 8.X in production, we want to migrate to latest stable version 10.3.1, but if there is a new stable version coming soon then we might wait…
(Also all the queries are related to FreeRTOS software distribution and not just the Kernel)

The roadmap lists “OTA planned” could you detail a bit what is part of this milestone? Also there is no date (range) for this milestone - any possibility of mentioning a preliminary date however wishful ?