May We user of FreeRTOS know where is the notifycation of New kernel version releasing

As we know the newest version is 10.4.1 at present.
but I know it until downloading the zip file from official website.
I still thought newest version is 10.4.0.
excuse me ,I search the github little.

What would be the best way of notifying people? Maybe Twitter? We did also send a newsletter out although newsletters don’t go out very often as we don’t want to spam people.

I thought one brief way is to show the newest version number explicitly at official website not far from the kernel zip file download,As a user,I just glance at it to idendify the version.
because at present, no where show the version of kernel zip file , until click the kernel zip file download.
by the way ,
I came out this thought,because when I use version 10.4.0 for a while whithout using notify array ,when I found the new feature of tasknotify array. so I try to use it in my app. but a error belong to kernel happend when compiling project. So I search the forum, found V10.4.1 fixed the error.
here ,I came to know version is update to 10.4.1

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I dont think FreeRTOS will have the option to place the version number next to the download button on the GitHub website, the UI is fixed by GitHub themselves.

But you can find it almost in that location. Look on the right hand side of the page, just below the “About” section (when viewing the root of the kernel repository) and you will see the latest release is mentioned there.

Otherwise, you can click “x tags” above the list of files and then use the Releases page to see a full list of releases that have been made.

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pity to tell,I usually download kernel zip file from official website(, not from github.
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