What are known FreeRTOS issues (where is the errata?)

Hey everyone. I’m trying to do some due diligence on our existing code base which makes use of FreeRTOS v10.3.1 on various ST Microelectronics M4 processors. I’m looking for known and documented issues for the FreeRTOS kernel but haven’t been able to find information like this. We haven’t had any issues so far and FreeRTOS has been exceptionally reliable, this is more a mission to make sure we’ve accounted for any already known problems.

Hi Don, the FreeRTOS kernel github repository allows you to see current status on any issues (bug reports, pull requests, etc). You should also take a look at history.txt to see what has changed since the version you are using. (The current release is 10.4.6.)

Don’t be too surprised not to find any known bugs or any that affect you. As you noted FreeRTOS is exceptionally reliable. It is well established and well tested. And when there are issues, the maintainers seem to prioritize fixes and get them out quickly.