Compare FreeRTOS versions in GITHUB shows no differences

We are using FreeRTOS V10.0.0 (+FAT) on Silicon Labs Giant Gecko in our (restarted) project. I am investigating upgrading the OS. Looking at the Vulnerabilities list, we need at least version V10.4.3. In the FreeRTOS repository on GITHUB, I tried to compare these versions in the FreeRTOS repo on GITHUB, but the result is 1 commit (with no message) and 0 (zero) files changed!

Comparing V10.4.3…V10.0.0 · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel (

I know there are changes but I cannot understand why GIT does not show them. I have confirmed that the compare works for other versions (e.g. V10.5.0 to V10.6.0), so GIT/GITHUB does not seem to be the issue.

We will likely update, but I need to show what changes were done and how they will benefit our device. Any information is welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Does this one work better for you? (Reversed the base/compare order)

Interesting. That worked. THANKS!