FreeRTOS Demo for Trw K64

lciummo wrote on Friday, August 21, 2015:

Is there a Tower K64 demo project available for FreeRTOS, preferably built with IAR?

Also, we’re trying to get ethernet MII mode working on TWR_K60, and we can’t get it to go. Is there an issue with muxing pins to the PHY for the needed MII signals?


rtel wrote on Friday, August 21, 2015:

We don’t have a pre-configured project for that particular hardware, but FreeRTOS will of course run on there. Some links that might help:

Its a long time since I use the board, but as I recall we had some difficulty with the Ethernet being unreliable - working for a bit then not working - it turned out to be due to a jumper setting (maybe even on one of the carriers) that was not routing the clocks correctly. Don’t know if that is relevant in your case, but something to look at.


lciummo wrote on Monday, August 24, 2015:

Thanks. Setting up the MCG is somewhat complex as the chip differs a bit from a K60, so the code has trouble starting up.

One interesting item of note is that the K60 only routed enought pins to support RMII ethernet to the TWR SER, while the K64 CPU board supports all the MII pins through the elevator into the TWR_SER board.