FreeRTOS 7.1+TWR-K60N512+Crossworks V2.1

cfgmgr wrote on Monday, January 09, 2012:

Sorry for what is (hopefully) a very simple question, and (very likely) off-topic.

Can anyone point me to any FreeRTOS demos or projects that have been successfully ported to the Kinetis K60 (TWR-K60N512) platform, using Rowley Crossworks V2.1?

As a learning exercise, I’m trying to port the “blinky” demo (FreeRTOS version 7.1.0), and am having some difficulty.   The IAR EWARM demos worked flawlessly (on IAR embedded workbench), but now I’m trying to replicate that success using Rowley Crossworks 2.1.   Not quite sure how to properly structure the project, what files go where (e.g. should FreeRTOS files go in as references in the “system” folder along with the Rowley files?)  

BTW - I originally posted this question to the Rowley support group, who then directed me here.  Is anyone using FreeRTOS on their TWR system with Crossworks?

Thanks in advance

rtel wrote on Wednesday, January 11, 2012:

I have never used CrossWorks on a Kinetis, but you can copy any other Cortex-M3 demo, unless you are using the FPU.

Where you put the FreeRTOS files is completely up to you.

The only thing to watch out for is the installation of the interrupt service routines required by FreeRTOS - being SysTick, SVCall and PendSV.