FreeRTOS demo for Freescale MK60DN512

bhight wrote on Thursday, February 05, 2015:

Has anyone else run the FreeRTOS full demo (web server) with the IAR tool for the TWR-K60FD100M tower?

I am able to build and download, and it seems to work, but I am dropping a lot of Ethernet packets. I get 50% or more loss on pings. I have tried a regular cable and a null cable between a PC and the tower. I going to try to dig up a switch today and try through that.

Also, in the demo instructions on the freeRTOS site it says that the jumper on J6 on the main board needs to be set to pins 2-3. I think that they mean J10 (J6 is a header, not a jumper header) to set the system clock to CLKIN0 from the TWR-SER boarrd. I would like to confirm this.


rtel wrote on Thursday, February 05, 2015:

That is a very old demo, and all existing TCP work is done with our own TCP/IP stack. However I do seem to have a vague recollection of getting a similar issue - and the instruction on setting the jumper was the fix. It sounds like the board revision we used and the revision you have are different though, if the jumper in the documentation does not make sense on your board.

In any case the issue was, if I recall correctly, to do with the routeing of the clock to the PHY. With the jumper set incorrectly the PHY clock was out of sync with the CPU clock, but somehow it still seemed to work for about 50% of the packets. Using the jumper to sync the two clocks made the connection reliable.


bhight wrote on Thursday, February 05, 2015:

Thanks for the reply. I had searched the forum but didn’t find the original post.

I have tried all of the jumper settings for the clock with the same result. From the schematic it appears that I may need to route the clock from the TWR-SER board to the ENET_CLKIN input as well.

I’ll try to find an older schematic to compare. Also, the demo targets a MK60DN512Zxxx10 device (Z = initial silicon), whereas our board has a MK60DN512xxx10. I have built for both with the same results.

I’ll post back here if I make any progress. Thanks again.