Demo wont build fresh out of the box

I’ve downloaded the FreeRTOS_Labs demo because I want to get started with an embedded webserver on an STM32 micro. As per instructions I imported the FreeRTOS_Plus_TCP_and_FAT_STM32F4xxx folder into the SW4STM32 workbench but it’s seriously broken. For example, the includes point to RTOSDEMO/src/FreeRTOS+TCP and RTOSDEMO/Libraries/CMSIS/Include which aren’t part of the project! The screen capture shows what the project looks like to the IDE.
Where do I start?

Which project are you building?
Which instructions are you following?

When importing the project did you ensure to uncheck ‘copy project into workspace’?

The project was FreeRTOS_Plus_TCP_and_FAT_STM32F4xxx.
The instructions given point to
I left the ‘copy’ checked because I do want the files copied to somewhere sensible. This also leaves the originals pristine so that I can have another crack at it.

That project is rather old so it might be that it is not compatible with the latest Eclipse version - I can give it a try if I get a chance. However, as per the instructions on the page you linked to “make sure the RTOSDemo project is checked in the “Projects” area, and that the Copy Projects Into Workspace box is not checked”, you must import without copying the into your workspace because it uses project relative paths to locate files.

If you want to have a clean copy I think (?) you can import the project as per the instructions (without copying the files), then export the project to a new location.

Thanks for such a quick reply, I’ll give that a try.

I guess the project must be too old as the import doesn’t offer a copy checkbox and once imported it doesn’t build as there is no target. Back to square one I guess :frowning: