FreeRTOS Intel Galileo Demo Install

hmerovichitba wrote on Monday, June 04, 2018:

I am trying to install the FreeRTOS Demo for a Intel Galileo Gen 2 board bur according to

Select “Import” from the IDE’s “File” menu to bring up the import dialogue box.

In the Import dialogue box, select “General->Existing Projects Into Workspace” then browse to and select the FreeRTOS/Demo/IA32_flat_GCC_Galileo_Gen_2 directory. A project called “RTOSDemo” will be visible.

But I cant find the RTOSDemo Eclipse project

Any ideas or help?

Best regards and thanks in advance


rtel wrote on Monday, June 04, 2018:

Looks like it is still in that directory - see the .project file here: