FreeRTOS Demo on CCS v8 import not possible

hannah387 wrote on Friday, July 19, 2019:


I´m trying to import a demo application from FreeRTOS (CORTEX_M4F_MSP432_LaunchPad_IAR_CCS_Keil) to CCS, step by step with the manual (File > import> Code Composer Studio > CCS Projects).
Whenever I select the named file and want to finish, following error appears:

Import failed for project 'RTOSDemo' because its compiler definition is not available. The project does not appear to be a CCS Project. Please try importing it using the 'General > Existing Projects into Workspace' wizard.

When I try to Import it t the suggested way, I tells me I should try it with Code Composer Studio > CCS Projects.

Does anybody know what to do?


rtel wrote on Friday, July 19, 2019:

I don’t have CCS installed at the moment to try it, but it could be an issue with incompatible versions of tools. Are you able to open and build other MSP432 projects?