Attempting to run on Cygnal F124 test board

nobody wrote on Wednesday, October 20, 2004:

New to FreeRTOS (and SDCC). Loaded both up to start running on Cygnal’s F124-TB. Firstly, when I make the demo program, the following error is posted : 'No rule to make target… ‘…\source\portalble\sdcc\cygnal\portmacro.h’, needed by main. Stop.    What does this mean???

Secondly, never used UnxUtils before, so how do you set the path for’ make’

Thanks in advance…Green

nobody wrote on Wednesday, October 20, 2004:

It sounds like the paths on your machine are not correct.

From your build directory (which should be Demo/Cygnal), does the path …\source\portalble\sdcc\cygnal\portmacro.h exist?  The build needs to be able to find this file.

Are you running make from the Demo/Cygnal directory?

Both SDCC and UnxUtils need to be included in your PATH environment variable.  Open a DOS prompt and type "path".  This will print the entire path variable - are the required SDCC and UnxUtils paths included in the list?

If these paths are not included in the environment you need to add them using a command such as (this can be placed in a .bat file for ease):

set PATH=C:\SDCC\bin;C:\UnxTools;%PATH%

(the paths in this sample command are just for demonstration and should be replaced with the actual paths for your installation)

rtel wrote on Tuesday, October 26, 2004:

The conclusion of this was

1) The SDCC version was 1.4 - which as mentioned on the WEB site cannot be used.

2) For some reason it would not compile on Win98 (the compiler hung), but WinXP was fine.