what about Demo/uIP_Demo_Rowley_ARM7 ?

rainer32 wrote on Thursday, April 20, 2006:

Hi all,

There’s a Demo/uIP_Demo_Rowley_ARM7 directory in the FreeRTOS source tree. It isn’t mentioned on the FreeRTOS web site, which only speaks about the iar version.
The thing is: i’d like to port this demo to plain gcc+make, and it’s far easier to start from a Rowley project than from an IAR project. But i’m not even sure that the Demo/uIP_Demo_Rowley_ARM7 is (still) a current and maintained version of this demo, as opposed to the iar version that is explicitely mentioned on the web page. Since I don’t have any Rowley stuff, I can’t try.
So the question is: is this directory a current and working version of this demo for rowley?

Best Regards,

nobody wrote on Thursday, April 20, 2006:

I think this is it:

rainer32 wrote on Thursday, April 20, 2006:

so if i understand right, the iar and rowley demos for uip are for two completely different boards:
the iar for at91sam7x-ek (which is what i need) and the rowley for some lpc2124-based board (which i don’t have).

Thus, i guess that in this case, i’ll start from the iar port and look if it’s (easily) portable to sam7xc.