UIP demo for Eclipse

nobody wrote on Thursday, March 31, 2005:

I have the uip demo for rowley and it compiles ok under their compiler. But I want to use the GNUARM tools under Eclipse. Has anyone done this before? At this moment I got lots of errors, and every solved error introduces a couple of new ones. My system got messed up now with several gcc’s, make’s etc (also my borlandc make is knocking on the door). Many thanks in advance.

rtel wrote on Thursday, March 31, 2005:

There was some previous discussion on using Eclipse, but it probably predates this forum.

The Rowley example uses the standard GCC ARM7 kernel port code found in source/portable/gcc/arm7.  The configuration is basically the same as the standard lpc2106 demo application with the exception of the linker file and startup code which need to be a different format for compatibility with the Rowley system.

You might be better off starting with (or at least referencing) the standard LPC2106 demo found in demo/arm7_lpc2106_gcc.  This uses the vanilla command line gcc so you should get it compiler no problem.  When you have this compiling under Eclipse you can then take out the unwanted demo files from the makefile, and add in the uIP source files.  Basically everything under the "source" directory can stay in the makefile (the kernel source files), and the files under the demo directory can be replaced with the same demo files compiled by the Rowley uIP demo.  Hopefully by doing this you will effectively end up with all the correct configurations - the correct startup code although the linker script will have to be tweeked for which ever processor you are actually using.

I have a feeling I’m making this sound more complex than it actually is?  Im afraid I dont have any experience with Eclipse so cannot offer advice on this.  When you have it working it would be good to make it available as an example.