uIP on STM32F207

znatok wrote on Tuesday, April 02, 2013:

I want to port CORTEX_STM32F107_GCC_Rowley demo to run on STM32F207.
At the first stage I will run it on demo board.
I’m using yagarto GCC compiler.

I wonder if someone have made same or similar job.
At first I need to build the project and for this I need a Makefile.  Can someone provide me a list of modules that has to be compiled. Or maybe there is some generated Makefile from the original tool this project is oriented to?

I’m not a beginner and have my own project running  already. It is mostly based on FreeRTOS and Graphic LCD and USB modules . I’m not using a  STL  from ST (as it’s ugly piece of code-crap). But I need to start with some working reference and for this I want first to build the example as is. Any help and cooperation is welcome.

rtel wrote on Tuesday, April 02, 2013:

I would suggest:

- Getting a hello world style application running on the hardware first.  That will ensure your build environment, including the linker script, is correct before tackling the application.

- Then get FreeRTOS running with a simple blinky style application.  That will ensure you have the correct code building and the vector table set up correctly.


- Finally open up the project in the Rowley IDE (I think you can get an eval copy) to see which uIP files are included and which include paths are necessary - then just replicate that in your makefile.


znatok wrote on Wednesday, April 03, 2013:

HI, I did first two steps already. I wrote that I have a running FreeRTOS application with USB and LCD modules on my board.
Now I want to add Ethernet with TCP/IP support.
Going to install IDE and try demo. My confusions are that this specific demo has no README and I’m not sure what customizations required to run it on different HW. In my case I use STM32F207 and not STM32F107. I have both ST demo board as well as my own PCB. More likely project should run on ST demo board but I’m not sure.

rtel wrote on Wednesday, April 03, 2013:

My confusions are that this specific demo has no README

I didn’t realise there were undocumented demos in the official release other than a Coldfire demo that never got formally released - but you are right there doesn’t seem to be a web page for this demo.  I’m therefore not sure of its status, and it doesn’t seem to build due to the #include <targets/STM32F103RB.h> header file not being found.  The error seems to be in an ST library file though, which the demo is probably not even using.  I think you could still use the project file to see which FreeRTOS files it is using though.

…however, you say you have FreeRTOS running already, so maybe we should ignore the Rowley project.  It doesn’t include Ethernet anyway, which is what you are trying to do now, so I’m not sure how that relates to the Rowley project.  I would recommend looking at the Demonstration Builder software from ST - this has FreeRTOS and lwIP running together on SM32F207 evaluation boards.  Take a look at the following:



znatok wrote on Wednesday, April 03, 2013:

This is really odd. This project is advertised as FreeRTOS TCP/IP demo for STM32 core.
Take a look here:
Now you say “It doesn’t include Ethernet anyway…”
Now I’m lost. How can it be TCP/IP demo without Ethernet?

rtel wrote on Wednesday, April 03, 2013:

Ah well, that’s easy to answer …. my last reply was wrong ;o)  I opened the F103 project by mistake.  I should have opened the F107 project.

Sorry for the confusion.


znatok wrote on Friday, April 05, 2013:

So have anybody ported this project to STM32F207 ?