Symmetric Multi processing in Cortex-A53 processor not working

Hello People,
I’m working with Xilinx Ultrascale+ Mpsoc Processor. which has cortex-A53 Processor which is quad core and Cortex-R5 processor which is Dual-core. When I’m trying to do Symmetric Multiprocessing It doesn’y show any options in config.h file like

When I tried at a time only one core is working. Remaing cores are not working. And when i tried to run another application in another core then the previous core stops working.

Which FreeRTOS version and port are you using? SMP support was introduced in FreeRTOS version 11.0.0. For Cortex-A53, you should be able to use this SMP port - FreeRTOS-Kernel-Partner-Supported-Ports/TI/CORTEX_A53_64-BIT_TI_AM64_SMP at main · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel-Partner-Supported-Ports · GitHub.

I use Vitis class Ide . So i didn’t use any porting process as it by default supports free rtos option.

Even then you are using a FreeRTOS version and a port:

ok sir thank you very much