Softec HCS12 starter kit

nobody wrote on Saturday, November 11, 2006:

Sorry to bother you guys, but I need help loading a project into the starter kit.

I couldn’t get me assembly code to run, so I went back to the examples.

If I start codewarrior then open the Softec ADC.mcp example, choose Softec target

Click Project->Debug, it loads the example program.

If I start a new project, choose absolute asembly, simulator and PK-HCS12 target,

Then make no changes to the "framework" main.asm file

Make file compiles, but debug fails to connect to target.

Thanks for any ideas.


nobody wrote on Saturday, November 11, 2006:

So you are saying the FreeRTOS demo works.  But if you make a new project (that does not contain FreeRTOS) then you cannot get it to work?  Sounds like a tech support question for CodeWarrior support?  Or have I missed the point?

nobody wrote on Saturday, November 11, 2006:

Sorry, nothing to do with RTOS.  I’m porting my HC11 code, and bought the Softec starter kit to use as an emulator.

After fighting it for a couple days, I googled the starter kit, and this page popped up with a photo of the Softec board I’m using, so I thought maybe you could show me what I was doing wrong.

I emailed Softec, posted to their forum, posted on the Yahoo HC12 forum, and the Freescale forum.  No replies yet.

I can’t get the simplest assembly program to load, though it will load the Softec ADC example.  Their example is written in C.  It reads a pot, then displays the value on LED’s connected to PortB.

The simplest assembly program would be their framework code with no changes (where it says "insert your assembly code here".

It compiles and executes on the CodeWarrior True-Time simulator, but won’t connect to the target when I switch to target mode.

It gives a communication error.  The PC’s device manager shows it’s connected.  Uninstalling/reinstalling the cable is no help.

Then I go back to the Softec example, and it loads with no problem.


nobody wrote on Sunday, November 12, 2006:

Found the problem.  Compared the Debugger files named SofTec.ini

They were different, so I replaced the nonworking one with the working example.

I posted a detailed explanation on the Softec forum: