Nested interrupt in smp

Hi all
I am porting smp on arm cortex-a32 arch32 using gic-v2 and need to implement nested interrupt. I am referencing the implementation of this FreeRTOS on ARM Cortex-A9. Is there an example of interrupt nesting in smp for my reference?
Thanks a lot!

You can look at this port for reference - FreeRTOS-Kernel/port.c at smp-dev-complete-merge-candidate-history · chinglee-iot/FreeRTOS-Kernel · GitHub

Thanks for your replay.

By the way, which freertos version is the smp version based on?

The link I shared is the latest WIP code which is based on the tip of main. We plan to merge this to main in near future.

Sorry, I want to the difference between smp branch and main branch. Becasue we are planning to upgrade single-core from 10.4.3 to 10.5.0 and want to know what the difference between smp branch and LTS single-core.

The SMP branch contains the code for SMP support. As I mentioned before, we are planning to merge this branch into main, at which point main will contain both single core and SMP.