MCU requirement for using FreeRTOS

nobody wrote on Wednesday, February 02, 2005:


I am new to FreeRTOS. May I know if there is any recommended requirements of the MCU speed when using FreeRTOS? Actually I am going to port to Samsung S3C826A, 8-bit mcu of around 1~2 MIPS max. Is this chip affordable to RTOS?

rtel wrote on Wednesday, February 02, 2005:

MIPS values do not really allow one processor speed to be compared directly with another  although 1-2 MIPS does sound slow.

The FreeRTOS can be used in a number of different ways  with varying processing overheads.  It is unlikely that your device will be suitable for a fully preemptive solution  but then with this chip it is doubtful that the application would warrant it anyway.

With a low tick frequency and cooperative scheduling the kernel can still simplify your design with very little overhead.  See the

pages for an example.