LTS support overlap window

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With the current Kernel LTS going EOL this October we are looking to update to the next LTS within the support-overlap window. From the information on the site here I can not conclude how the roadmap for the next LTS will look like:

  • The FAQ here mentioned a 4month overlap from 202012 to 202210 (FAQ → LTS → question 2)
  • The github roadmap item “Launch FreeRTOS 202404 LTS” (41812043) mentions a planned 6 month overlap on an 18month cadence, which would have been April 2024 (?)

Can you please help to clarify this overlap strategy?

Thank you very much

Hello @EricBo,

Thank you for your inquiry, and sorry for the confusion.

We intend to release new LTS libraries prior to the EOL, in order to provide an overlap period with the previous LTS release for a smooth transition. There is no specific overlap period defined, as it varies depending on ongoing development, security, and critical bug fixes.

With this, we are planning to release the next LTS libraries in June 2024.

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Thank you @KeishiSonoda for the quick response, this helps us planning. :slight_smile: