Intergrate FreeRTOS+FAT or FTP in SDK 2015.4

ajk2357 wrote on Monday, June 13, 2016:

I have a ZC706 along with the Xilinx SDK 2015.4. FreeRTOS is pacakged with this SDK and some of you users would know, a BSP including FreeRTOS can be generated by the SDK. So, I generated a hardware definition, then based upon that I created FreeRTOS 8.3 BSP, based on which I also created the FreeRTOS_HelloWorld application which is also offered within the SDK (everything from the SDK and not from downloded FreeRTOS Demos): My question now is, how do I best get the helloworld that was created using SDK to use FreeRTOS+FAT? Thanks in advance for your help.

rtel wrote on Monday, June 13, 2016:

I would recommend downloading the Zynq project described here: to see which files are necessary, then add those files, along with the FreeRTOSFATConfig.h file from the project, into your application. You will also be able to extract the necessary include files from the example project, which I think is just the following two:


Attached is a screen shot of the open project showing the relevant files. Not the project creating, and therefore building the files necessary for, volumes on both a RAM disk and an SD card. I would recommend starting with just the RAM disk, as that means you don’t have to include the SD card driver source files in your build.

ajk2357 wrote on Monday, June 13, 2016:

Thanks a lot. I’ll try that.