How to use FreeRTOS+TCP on Zedboard with Vitis

All guides like this " Xilinx Zynq-7000 (dual core ARM Cortex-A9) SoC Port" (sorry, new users cant post links :confused: ) recommend using the example code for zynq, but I downloaded both the LTS and the latest FreeRTOS and neither of them have zynq examples.

Hello Nabiel - welcome to the FreeRTOS community!

Is this the guide you are referring to?

The demo/examples are not part of LTS, however they are available in the FreeRTOS distribution here

Hope this helps.

sorry, new users cant post links

Normally a second time you will be able to post links. Thank you for your patience.

Mind you there are two drivers for Zynq:

I tested FreeRTOS+TCP on both platforms and published some Makefile projects:

These projects work well, but you may find then a bit messy. I used them mostly for testing. They may be useful though to peek how it can be made to work.

And there is always this FreeRTOS forum where you can ask questions.