FreeRTOS KC705 Vivado Source Project

xopenlee wrote on Sunday, March 12, 2017:

Hardware environment: KC705
Software environment: freeRTOS V9.0.0
Dear experts, hello I use the above environment, would like to modify the FPPA, where can I find the Vivado Source project source file?

rtel wrote on Sunday, March 12, 2017:

There isn’t one. Only the processor is used, not the FPGA, and the
image comes from the XSDK. When you create a project in the XSDK you
can select the hardware you are running on, so all that we did was
select KC705.

xopenlee wrote on Sunday, March 12, 2017:

Thank you. But I would like to add uart device, so want to modify the original Vivado Project, rather than re-build vivado project. So want to download Vivado project.

rtel wrote on Sunday, March 12, 2017:

If I had one I would give it to you, but as per my previous post, I
don’t :o)

Is it necessary to use a Vivado project to use the UART?

The hardware definition used by the project is provided ready for use by
the XSDK, but I would assume the project files used to create it are
also available, but you will have to get them from Xilinx (maybe they
are included in Vivado?) as I’ve never even seen it.

xopenlee wrote on Monday, March 13, 2017:

Thank you. But I think FreeRTOS provided system.hdf file is only the smallest system, the actual use of the process need to develop the minimum system based on their own products, so hope FreeRTOS can provide examples to create Vivado. I try to create my own vivado project for FreeRTOS V9.0.0.!

rtel wrote on Monday, March 13, 2017:

I think creating Vivado projects is outside the scope of FreeRTOS support. The Xilinx SDK has built in support for FreeRTOS. Create the hardware project, then create an SDK project using the SDK wizard. During creation of the project, select your hardware, and select the ‘FreeRTOS_bsp’ instead of the ‘standalone_bsp’ and the SDK will generate a project with the correct drivers for your hardware, include the FreeRTOS source files, and create a working hello world project for you. Alternatively use a standalone bsp and add the source files to the project yourself as on the following link: