FreeRTOS + TMS570 + DCAN module

pr0metha wrote on Saturday, May 04, 2013:


I’m working on a project that involves FreeRTOS and a TMS570LS31x HDK board. At the moment, I’m using the FreeRTOS Demo for CC5/TMS570 USB stick. I’ve added some drivers using HalCoGen, and everything has worked until I added HalCoGen drivers for the DCAN module. I am able to send out CAN messages, but regardless of my settings I’m only transmitting empty messages ( Identifier = 0x00, DLC = 0, and all data fields are empty).

I figure that maybe the CAN RAM isn’t initialized properly. Do anyone know if this is done by the Demo that I use, or do i need to add it myself? I found an assembly routine for this in the source code, but I’m not sure if it’s really running or if I have to change it in some way.

Has anyone been able to get the DCAN module working together with FreeRTOS?

edwards3 wrote on Saturday, May 04, 2013:

Does the DCAN module work without FreeRTOS. Try using it before you call vTaskStartScheduler() and if it still does not work then your problem is not FreeRTOS related.