Port for MCF5235

s_marzani wrote on Tuesday, December 04, 2007:

Dear all,
  I’m quite new with FreeRTOS, so my questions may be trivial, sorry for that.

1. I’ve seen that there’s a port for MCF5235, as posted in this forum one year ago. Are there updates? Is there someone who is working on such platform?
2. We have to control both the CAN of our board: is it possible or is quite complex? The OS provides all the necessary to do that?

Thank you!!!

harlekin_666 wrote on Tuesday, December 04, 2007:


Perhaps you already read it, I am working on a MCF52235 (for now, the final target will probably be MCF5213). And I started my work based on the MCF5235 port. I think the basics of those three are the same, so we could exchange our experiences.

I can tell you so far, that I managed to get the demo application working, but I still experiece some problems with blocking function calls. (see the thread "xQueueReceive() blocks endlessly")

CAN itself is not so complex, I already worked with CAN on the MCF5213, but yet without FreeRTOS nor any OS. What do you want FreeRTOS to support you in this case? So what are your requirements?