razed11 wrote on Monday, October 03, 2016:

We’re building a system for use in the lab that will not be released as a product and I’m wondering if there is a good starting point for an STM32F767 (512 kB RAM).

I’ve been working with ST Cube/LWIP most of the day and I’m starting to get something working but they don’t support my environment directly (Segger SES/ARM GCC) and I prefer not to use their HAL interface.

I already have FreeRTOS running on the F7 it might take me less time to write the driver than to try to tease things out of Cube. Our requirements are relatively simple–have one socket for infrequent commands and another for streaming data from an FPGA.


rtel wrote on Monday, October 03, 2016:

This might make a good starting point: