FreeRTOS+TCP STM32F407 SPL example?

We’ve got a bunch of legacy code that we’re looking at moving to FreeRTOS and FreeRTOS+TCP networking stack. We’ve got FreeRTOS running on the board, but I was looking at getting FreeRTOS+TCP running and the included portable layer is for HAL. I’ve found mention of an old SPL example for the STM32F407 but have not been able to find the code.

Any chance that someone could point me in the right direction? I understand that it will probably need to be updated for the newer FreeRTOS+TCP but it figured that would be a shorter haul than rewriting the NetworkInterface.c from scratch to use the SPL.

There are many users that stick to the earlier “STM32 Standard Peripheral Libraries”.
Yes I do have an SPL version of the STM32Fx driver for FreeRTOS+TCP.
If you send an email to “hein [at] htibosch [dot] net”
I will send you a copy of an SPL project.

Thanks, Sent you an email and look forward to your reply.