TCP/IP on STM32H7 with FreeRTOS

A partner of ours is considering the STM32H7 and needs TCP/IP. We had a lot of trouble a few years ago with terribly buggy STM-provided drivers, and at that time lots of folks were having difficulties especially with the Ethernet driver. I’m wondering if anyone can provide current information about whether this is workable, using either LWiP or the FreeRTOS TCP library. We need to spend time building applications and not debugging drivers…

The LWiP newsgroup gives some hints in response to my query: [lwip-users] LWIP and STM32H7 driver

For FreeRTOS I see some historical notes indicating there might be a working driver for the FreeRTOS TCP library, but I’m not clear. Is there really a properly tested non-buggy driver? I found only this info: FreeRTOS+TCP for STM32H7? - #5 by htibosch

Thanks in advance for any current info,
Best Regards, Dave

FreeRTOS+TCP has a driver here but I’ve not tried using it: Also work comparing against in case of updates.

I have this working reliably using STM drivers and FreeRTOS. The problem I had was with Cube provided initialization code. You need to have the buffers in a location that is accessible to the DMA which did not happen automatically. You also have to make provisions to make it non cacheable.

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I’ve had the H7 working with both LwIP and FreeRTOS stack. FreeRTOS stack is much much easier to use and you should be up any running is you start with the provided examples Richard links to.