FreeRTOS+TCP STM32F4 minimal TCP example


I would like to create an example project for FreeRTOS + TCP.
My devboard is a NUCLEO-F439ZI, the development system is STM32CubeIDE.
So far, I got to have a working native (without CMSIS-RTOS) project with two LED flashing tasks with FreeRTOS 10.4.2.
I tried to add FreeRTOS + TCP to the project based on the example code “FreeRTOS_Plus_TCP_Minimal_Windows_Simulator” but got stuck.

Unfortunately, all sample code is for Windows Simulator only. Where can I find a working and current example for STM32F4?
I am completely confused about the sample programs. At, for examples of real hardware, I can only find links to pages with more links without real example code.

My quick and dirty source code is at the following link:

Thanks in advance for all the help / links!

Anything here help? GitHub - htibosch/freertos_plus_projects: FreeRTOS sample projects using +TCP and/or +FAT

Richard is right, you will find several demo projects there, that run on real hardware.
You find the STM32Fx4 project here,

When you go to /plus/stm32F40/Src, you can call GNU make, which will look for Makefile in that location.

You will notice that you’ll have to adapt, to indicate the proper location of the compiler. You will see several examples, both for Linux and for WIndows.

In /plus/stm32F40/Inc you will find all configuration files of the project.

When you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them here.

There are also files that you will need later on Eclipse. I used AC6.

Richard, Hein: Thank you very much for your help!

With that, I can get started!


I am also having problems with setting up FreeRTOS+TCP to a NUCLEO-F439ZI and in search for a working example code. Did you manage to get it running? Do you have a working example code you can share? Thanks in advance.