How to develop with freertos in eclipse

Hi, I am just getting started with freertos, and am trying to figure out an IDE that will work with the demo applications. I am just trying to build and run the blinky applications, but it seems that every demo requires running a project file specific to a certain IDE, ie Keil, VS. I would like to run these projects in eclipse, but I am not sure how to do that. If I import the .h files to include and .c to source will the project work properly?

Is your question related to which files to build - or how to use Eclipse?

The following links may help if the former:

Other than that the majority of projects in the download build with some adaptation of Eclipse. Here are examples that use ‘vanilla’ Eclipse:

Others are just branded versions of Eclipse - such as Soft Console (Microsemi projects), Code Composer Studio (TI projects), Freedom Studio (SiFive projects), MCUXpresso (NXP projects), etc.