Error when using Openocd in freertos tutorial

hawkhawk wrote on Saturday, January 28, 2012:


I am following the steps in the following tutorial:

I arrived at launching the external tool: “OpenOCD Programmer”, but I am having the following problem in the console:

Info:    openocd.c:84 main(): Open On-Chip Debugger (2006-11-22 14:00 CEST)
Error:   ft2232.c:164 ft2232_write(): FT_Write returned: 4
Error:   ft2232.c:346 ft2232_send_and_recv(): couldn’t write MPSSE commands to FT2232

Knowing that the drivers are properly configured in windows, how can I proceed to identify the source of the problem?


hawkhawk wrote on Saturday, January 28, 2012:

Well, it worked.

The board was powered from a USB hub without mains power, which lead to the inability to write anything to it.