OpenOCD Help

apessina wrote on Wednesday, March 30, 2011:

I’m trying to develop/debug a project using FreeRTOS 6.1.1 on a LuminaryMicro LM3S69565 evaluation board.
I use FreeRTOS6.1.1 + Eclipse Helios + CodeSourcery G++ Lite for Arm Ver. 4.5.1 + OpenOCD 0.4.0
I can build and link the .bin file but… I have problems to debug with the OpenOCD (programmer and server not working).
Any suggestion about the OpenOCD and the .cfg files to use?
I’m desperate.
Thank you

edwards3 wrote on Wednesday, March 30, 2011:

I think there is an OpenOCD mailing list or forum somewhere. That would be the best place to ask.