Debugging features of FreeRTOS

Wanted to know the debugging features provided by FreeRTOS10.0.1 version

Well that varies from numerous assert() classes to full trace facilities - what is the problem you are trying to solve?

I wanted to know the advantages of upgrading freertos from V6.0 to V10.0.1 with respect to debugging features

A complete history of significant changes can be found here: - V6 is very old so I think there are many changes to usability with regards to how many configASSERT() points there are in the code to help find configuration and use errors during development. There are also functions such as and that will not have existed in V6 - there are additional similar functions to return the maximum heap usage etc, that may have been in V6, and currently the head revision has heap debug functions that include information such as the number of blocks of memory, maximum available memory block size etc. Additionally there are many kernel aware plug-ins available for FreeRTOS from people like IAR, Code Confidence, etc. that probably won’t work with V6.

Thank you Richard.
Can I get any specific plugins for debugging FreeRTOS in IAR.

The IAR tools ship with a FreeRTOS plugin.

You may also benefit from Percepio Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS, if using v7.3 or newer. Read more at