Tracing and debugging FreeRTOS

Hi All,

I have nightmares to analyze my system using breakpoints.
I read many articles about using SEGGER SystemView tool. This requires to patch the kernel. I really don’t want to missup with the kernel.

I would like to ask if there is other tools that can be used instead? opensource tool will be best option for me.

– Typo corrected ( debugging → analyzing)

SystemView is not a debugger, but a visualization tool not unlike Tracealyzer. Neither one can replace debugging.

What exactly are you looking for?

sorry, I missed all words together.

I want to collect traces to be able to analyze the sytem !

you may want to check with the predefined overridable hooks such as traceTASK_SWITCHED_IN() that are made for this purpose. As long as we do not know to what degree you wish to “analyze the system,” there is not much help we can provide. If you wish to use the depth provided by SystemView or Tracealyzer, I do not think there is a way to do that without modifying the kernel.

ok. Thx for the support.

Since there is no other option than patching the kernel, do you know any opensource tool that can be used for the analyizing ?

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Tracealyzer is a comprehensive tool similar to SystemView (as already mentioned). It’s commercial, but a worthwhile investment.

There are open source options that use the open trace format, which can potentially be used with tools like Eclipse TraceCompass - but I’ve not tried it myslef, and won’t be as feature rich or FreeRTOS specific as SystemView and Tracealyzer.