What all free Vendor Independent Tracing/Debugging applications are available for Freertos?

Hello all,
First of all, I would like to clarify that this question is not dependent on any Microcontroller/IDE but only on our FreeRTOS.Friends, I have seen many of the RTOSs available in a Market provide their own Tracing/debugging application with the help of these analysis tools developers can see a graphical view of real-time system events which helps them to visualize and better understand the behaviour of their real-time system.
Example :Microsoft’s TraceX for its ThreadX or the Segger’s SystemView for embOS RTOS

So my question is:Is there any similar free vendor-independent Analysis/Debugging/Tracing software are available for our FeeeRTOS …Also please don’t consider it as a Threadx Vs FreeRTOS Vs embOS war ,because we live in a competitive world and its just a example…Thanks

Segger provide tools for FreeRTOS too - including SystemView. We have had a very long relationship with Tracealyzer, although that is commercial.

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Thank you so much Richard sir for Your Answer sir. I have never seen such a dedication (right now reading your book sir )
Sir In future can we see this kind of tools from the FreeRTOS for the FreeRTOS?..Thanks

You’ll also find built-in support from iSystem’s WinIdea.

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ok, thank you, sir. I will check.