Best/preferred freeRTOS debug tools?

I have been looking into debugging tools for freeRTOS. Which are the preferred or recommended ones?

Do you support or work closely with any specific one?

Finally are there any free ones (maybe even open source)?

Thank you

For starters:
The fully thread aware plug-in for FreeRTOS that ships with IAR tools.
The fully thread aware plug-in for Eclipse provided by Code Confidence.

Which chip/tool-chain are you using? Some manufactures already include a free FreeRTOS-aware tools:

ST: STMicroelectronics Adds FreeRTOS™ Thread-Aware Debug to STM32CubeIDE Development Environment - ST News


Segger: If you’re using a Segger probe and its free (for non-commercial uses) Ozone (amazing) debugger software, then you got it too. It even recognizes that your project is using FreeRTOS and offers you to add to the project the needed tools.

Thank you @rtel and @Xavier :slight_smile: