Consultants for porting FreeRTOS + TCP to f2838x?

We are looking for consultants who would be able to port the FreeRTOS + TCP stack to the CM side of TI’s TMS320F2838x chip.

Would anyone on this forum have any recommendations for vetted consultants?

Can you please send your Email?
Yacob Hassidim.

Please don’t post email addresses in plain text here as doing so will arrack spammers. If you are willing to have your email here, obfuscate it by writing AT and DOT out in full, etc. Ideally use the personal message feature on the forum.

@rtel wrote:

the personal message feature on the forum

Just to make sure: it is called Personal Messages (PM). I tend to write PM in the subject so the other party knows it is private.

You find this feature on a user’s home page:

Where “forum-name” is the other person’s name on the forum.
Press the Message button to write a message:


You can CC your self, using your own forum name.
You can safely exchange details in these private messages.
You can read back private messages here:, where “your-name” is your chosen name on the forum.

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