FreeRTOS for Infineon TC399xx

I’am working on porting from Infineon TC1782 to TC399xB. Has anybody experience with TC399.

No direct experience, but if you summarise the difference between the two cores I may be able to assist.

I could successfully port from TC1782 to TC399xB.
Have you any idea how can I publish my results?

It would be great if we can publish them - unfortunately the FreeRTOS Interactive site, which used to be used for this purpose, is somewhat in a broken state at the moment and we are planning on replacing it - maybe with another form like this that has the same categories as the Interactive site does today.

Additionally, the Github mirror of the FreeRTOS SourceForge repository will soon become the primary repository for FreeRTOS, so that would provide another option.

Given those are both a little future looking, for now can I ask that you zip up your work and attach it to a post in this thread - that way at least users searching for the same thing will find this thread and hence your code.

Hi Zoltán,
did you succed in porting ? I started from [].
Using the simulator I can create a Task and start the scheduler, it creates my task, IDLE and Tmr Svc, but then it get stuck, I guess it is because it does not receive tick interrupt.
Any suggestion?

Hello guys,

did you succeed in the porting to Tricore TC39xx family? Would you be interested in sharing the port?


Hi Zoltan,
would you mind sharing your results?
We’d also like to try FreeRTOS on TC39xx.

If you are interesting, please contact me on

Did you have a fix on this issue? I am facing the same issue last time but no response from anyone and couldn’t find the topic troubleshooting in google.

I made a porting to TC399xx.
Write a mail, will send you the fix.

Grateful if you can attach the fix here or create a pull request with the fix. Thanks.