TMS320F28388D with FreeRTOS, FTP and RabbitMQ


I want to use FTP and RabbitMQ with TMS320F28388D DSP MCU.
I’ll use RabbitMQ C Binding library for RabbitMQ support and support FTP with FreeRTOS.
I have never used FTP and RabbitMQ on FreeRTOS before.
The MCU has 2 C28x cores and 1 ARM-Cortex core. Can FTP and RabbitMQ work properly with the ARM core and its RAM? RabbitMQ will be used for JSON packets.

MCU functional block and RAM information is as follows;

This FTP-server example can assist in evaluating your application on your platform. While my personal experience with RabbitMQ on FreeRTOS is limited, I would appreciate any insights the community can share their experience.

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