Cannot run "Simple demo" on LPC-Link

rtfreak-1140 wrote on Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

I just received my LPC-LINK board with an lpc1769 target. I downloaded LPCXpresso v6.1.2 om my workstation (Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit). When I build and execute one of LPCXpresso’s demo projects I can see lights on the board go on and off, and I can single-step through the sample program. Thus, everything seems to work.

However, when I try to do the same with “Simple demo for the LPCXpresso LPC1768/LPC1769” following the description in FR-191-AN-RB-003i2-[A simple FreeRTOS demo for the LPCXpresso].pdf, when I press “Debug” from the LPCXpresso IDE a progress-bar comes up and goes away a few seconds later. Then nothing more happens. No error messages in the IDE’s Problems tab (only a warning). And the console contains: SimpleDemo.axf [C/C++ Application] SimpleDemo.axf.

FreeRTOS is V7.2.0.

I’m completely stuck and I hope someone can give me a hint.

Best regards

edwards3 wrote on Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

I hope someone can give me a hint.

That would be much easier if you had said what the warning was.

rtfreak-1140 wrote on Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

It didn’t seem relevant, but here it is:

‘ucPortCountLeadingZeros’ defined but not used [-Wunused-function]

edwards3 wrote on Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

Ok I thought you meant there was a message about why the code had not downloaded.

Does the LPCXpresso board used in the app note have the same debugger as the LPC-LINK board? Mayby you have to set up the Eclipse debug configuration differently?

Did you create a completely new workspace to use the simple app or reuse the same workspace used by the LPCXpresso demos?

Can you post a log of the debugger activity.You should see this in one of the consoles in LPCXpresso, and can even turn on verbose debugging in the debug configuration if that helps.

rtfreak-1140 wrote on Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

When I press Debug in the IDE’s debug-view, 3 lines come up in the Debug-window: the 1st line is the application name (SimpleDemo). The 2nd line is "qemu-arm-static[nnnn], and the 3rd line is “gdb”.
No other info changes.
I reused the same workspace as the LPCXpresso used (I deleted the projects).
I can’t see how I could enable verbose debugging in the debug configuration. Is it a checkmark?

rtfreak-1140 wrote on Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

I created a new workspace, imported the project, and everything is ok! Thus, obviously it is not sufficient to just delete the projects.

rtel wrote on Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

“qemu-arm-static[nnnn]” sounds like it could be trying to talk to the Qemu emulator, rather than the hardware? Qemu is a popular software emulator that emulates Cortex-M devices.

The files in the simple demo are now rather old, but I just downloaded a fresh copy and they still seem to build and program with the latest LPCXpresso version.

I created a new workspace, imported the .zip file into the workspace (as per the application note), built, then downloaded. This is the output generated in the “Simple Demo Debug Messages” console within the LPCXpresso IDE:

LPCXpresso Debug Driver v6.0 (Sep 10 2013 00:02:23 - crt_emu_cm3_nxp build 1208) Looked for chip XML file in C:/devtools/nxp/LPCXpresso_6.0.2_151/lpcxpresso/bin/LPC1768.xml Looked for vendor directory XML file in C:/devtools/nxp/LPCXpresso_6.0.2_151/lpcxpresso/bin/nxp_directory.xml Found generic directory XML file in C:/devtools/nxp/LPCXpresso_6.0.2_151/lpcxpresso/bin/crt_directory.xml Emu(0): Conn&Reset. DpID: 2BA01477. Info: WIN64HS12 SWD Frequency: 3000 KHz. RTCK: False. Vector catch: False. Packet delay: 0 Poll delay: 0. Loaded LPC175x_6x_512.cfx: LPC175x_6x (512K) Apr 22 2013 12:14:31 On-chip Flash Memory NXP: LPC1768 Part ID: 0x00000000 Connected: was_reset=true. was_stopped=false v LPCXpressoPro Full License - Unlimited Writing 9064 bytes to 0000 in Flash (assumed clock: 4.0MHz) Erased/Wrote page 0-2 with 9064 bytes in 2077msec Flash write Done nSRST assert (if available) Executing in user flash.

Stopped: Breakpoint #1

This is the already verbose output from the GDB which was visible in the GDB traces console in LPCXpresso (goes on a bit!):

838,781 2-environment-cd C:/temp/simple_demo_test_delete/SimpleDemo
838,781 2^done
838,781 (gdb)
838,796 3-gdb-set breakpoint pending on
838,796 3^done
838,796 (gdb)
838,796 4-enable-pretty-printing
838,812 4^done
838,812 (gdb)
838,812 5maintenance set python print-stack off
838,812 &“maintenance set python print-stack off\n”
838,812 5^done
838,812 (gdb)
838,812 6-gdb-set print object on
838,828 6^done
838,828 (gdb)
838,828 7-gdb-set print sevenbit-strings on
838,843 7^done
838,843 (gdb)
838,843 8-gdb-set charset ISO-8859-1
838,859 8^done
838,859 (gdb)
838,859 9-gdb-set auto-solib-add on
838,875 9^done
838,875 (gdb)
838,906 10-file-exec-and-symbols --thread-group i1 C:/temp/simple_demo_test_delete/SimpleDemo/Debug/
838,968 10^done
838,968 (gdb)
838,968 11set remotetimeout 60000
838,968 &“set remotetimeout 60000\n”
838,968 11^done
838,984 (gdb)
838,984 12-target-select extended-remote | crt_emu_cm3_nxp -msg-port=16422 -g -mi -2 -pLPC1768 -vend
or=NXP -e0 -wire=winUSB -flash-driver=LPC175x_6x_512.cfx
839,453 =thread-group-started,id=“i1”,pid=“42000”
839,453 =thread-created,id=“1”,group-id=“i1”
839,453 13-list-thread-groups --available
839,515 *stopped,frame={addr=“0x00006818”,func="??",args=[]},thread-id=“1”,stopped-threads=“all”
839,515 12^connected
839,515 (gdb)
839,515 13^error,msg=“Can not fetch data now.”
839,515 (gdb)
839,515 14set mem inaccessible-by-default off
839,515 &“set mem inaccessible-by-default off\n”
839,515 14^done
839,515 (gdb)
839,531 15mon ondisconnect cont
839,546 &“mon ondisconnect cont\n”
839,546 15^done
839,546 (gdb)
839,546 16set arm force-mode thumb
839,546 &“set arm force-mode thumb\n”
839,546 16^done
839,546 (gdb)
839,578 17-target-download
839,593 17+download,{section=".text",section-size=“9048”,total-size=“356366”}
839,593 17+download,{section=".text",section-sent=“9048”,section-size=“9048”,total-sent=“9048”,total
839,593 17+download,{section=".data",section-size=“16”,total-size=“356366”}
840,453 18-list-thread-groups
843,296 17^done,address=“0xf5”,load-size=“9064”,transfer-rate=“19744”,write-rate=“4532”
843,296 (gdb)
843,312 18^done,groups=[{id=“i1”,type=“process”,pid=“42000”,executable=“C:/temp/simple_demo_test_del
843,312 (gdb)
843,328 19-interpreter-exec console “mon capabilities”
843,343 19^done
843,343 (gdb)
843,343 20-list-thread-groups i1
843,375 20^done,threads=[{id=“1”,target-id=“Thread “,frame={level=“0”,addr=“0x000000f4”,func=”
843,375 21-data-evaluate-expression __CR_SEMIHOST
843,375 (gdb)
843,375 21^error,msg=“No symbol “__CR_SEMIHOST” in current context.”
843,375 (gdb)
843,375 22-data-evaluate-expression fclose
843,390 23-stack-info-depth --thread 1 11
843,406 22^done,value="{<text variable, no debug info>} 0x1fb8 "
843,406 (gdb)
843,406 23^done,depth=“1”
843,406 (gdb)
843,406 24-interpreter-exec console “mon semihost enable”
843,406 25-stack-list-frames --thread 1
843,421 24^done
843,421 (gdb)
843,421 26-interpreter-exec console “mon info,all”
843,421 25^done,stack=[frame={level=“0”,addr=“0x000000f4”,func=“ResetISR”,file="…/cr_startup_lpc17.
843,421 (gdb)
843,468 26^done
843,468 (gdb)
843,703 27-data-list-register-names
843,718 27^done,register-names=[“r0”,“r1”,“r2”,“r3”,“r4”,“r5”,“r6”,“r7”,“r8”,“r9”,“r10”,“r11”,“r12”,
843,718 (gdb)
843,765 28-break-insert --thread-group i1 -t -f main
843,796 28^done,bkpt={number=“1”,type=“breakpoint”,disp=“del”,enabled=“y”,addr=“0x0000019a”,func=“ma
843,796 (gdb)
843,812 29-exec-continue --thread-group i1
843,812 ~“Note: automatically using hardware breakpoints for read-only addresses.\n”
843,843 29^running
843,843 *running,thread-id=“all”
843,843 (gdb)
843,953 *stopped,reason=“breakpoint-hit”,disp=“del”,bkptno=“1”,frame={addr=“0x0000019a”,func=“main”,
843,953 (gdb)
844,031 30-thread-info 1
844,031 31-list-thread-groups
844,031 32-stack-info-depth --thread 1 2
844,046 30^done,threads=[{id=“1”,target-id=“Thread “,frame={level=“0”,addr=“0x0000019a”,func=”
844,046 (gdb)
844,046 31^done,groups=[{id=“i1”,type=“process”,pid=“42000”,executable=“C:/temp/simple_demo_test_del
844,046 (gdb)
844,046 32^done,depth=“1”
844,046 (gdb)
846,484 33-stack-info-depth --thread 1 11
846,484 33^done,depth=“1”
846,484 (gdb)
846,515 34-stack-list-frames --thread 1
846,531 34^done,stack=[frame={level=“0”,addr=“0x0000019a”,func=“main”,file="…/main.c",fullname=“C:\
846,531 (gdb)
007,250 35-data-evaluate-expression --thread 1 --frame 0 configMINIMAL_STACK_SIZE
007,250 35^done,value=“100”
007,250 (gdb)


rtfreak-1140 wrote on Tuesday, January 21, 2014:

Thanks for the help!
As you can see from my previous post the problem was that I didn’t create a new workspace but reused the old one after deleting the old project.