Windoze Simulator

nobody wrote on Wednesday, January 11, 2006:

if anyone’s interested, im using freeRTOS compiling using gcc for an atmel at91sam7s256, and jlink cable and gdb server from the gnuarm yahoo group file section. (page size on 256 part meant that this app on yahoo group had to be recompiled for different page size to 64k part otherwise downloads wouldn’t work) I have USB, serial, PWM, A/D and I2C(TWI), SPI all runnning.

What i’d like to do… is write a simulator for freeRTOS to compile under windoze(Use Threads), and do your UI and IO stuff using your windows simulated bits, (of interest to me because i’ve a 320x240LCD and much menu’s to edit.)

So i’d have to replicate task creation/control/utilities/queues/semaphores/config and some IO hacks for my peripherals…

Any ideas?

nobody wrote on Wednesday, January 11, 2006:

How are you using jlink with gcc?  I would like to have an alternative to the wiggler.

What exactly are you wanting to simulate.  Simulating the peripherals and arm core would be a big task.  The Keil tools allow this on lpc but i’m not sure about atmel.

If you want to simulate your application could you use the x86 port.  Just compile in the x86 port in place of your arm port.  The you would have to simulate just the io.

nobody wrote on Wednesday, January 11, 2006:

keil only support c. It does not have c++.
using Visual c++ for simulation is better than anything else.Because it is ANSI C  compliant,more near to embedded system.

What is you idea about proteus?

VC++ have very nice IDE editor and debugger and it is possible to simulate peripherals like as UART,SPI,I2C,GPIO,Timers,… in it.

nobody wrote on Thursday, January 12, 2006:

I am using the Segger Jlink cable instead of the wiggler.
The gnuarm yahoo group have a file you can download (JLinkServer) which acts as gdbserver and  can talk to the USB jlink Cable to download via jtag, and debug. A damn sight more reliable than the wiggler, and you can download and debug flash apps. (i use the download ability of JlinkServer, but haven’t the time to muck around with the gdb).(old school flashing lights…)

What im aiming to simulate is the scheduler behaviour using threads in a C app(compiling with VC++ at this stage).
IO Simulation is not so important, and can be fudged easy enuf.