When doing the book examples I used a different p24 mcu and have errors

gatolen wrote on Sunday, September 08, 2019:

Hi, I have enjoyed FreeRTOS and have a program currently working fine. I decided to go thru the book
examples again with p different pic24. Now after changing the new config files for the different chip all
builds fine except at the end of the building process I have errors in a couple header files (related to timers.o, tasks.o, queue.o,) which has undefined reference to _vPortFree, _pvPortMalloc functions. How do I correct this
with this new chip? Thank you very much, Len

rtel wrote on Sunday, September 08, 2019:

Those functions are defined in the heap implementations, so you need to include one of heap_1 to heap_5 in the project too https://www.freertos.org/a00111.html