What the difference between github source parth FreeRTOS and FreeRTOS-Kernel

Dear community developers,
I am a newcomer to the community. I plan to get involved in SMP-related development, and I want to know the relationship between the different branches of the source code on github:

Du Lei

“FreeRTOS-kernel” contains just the RTOS kernel library. “FreeRTOS” contains the Rtos kernel, and several other libraries (TCP, MQTT, etc.), along with many example projects that run the libraries on different hardware and using different compilers. I recommend exploring https://FreeRTOS.org for the library and demo documentation.

Hi, Dear Richard Barry,

My name is Du Lei, an engineer from a chip company of China. Grateful for your answer to my question.

Currently, we want to use the Freertos SMP version ( github.com.FreeRTOS.FreeRTOS-Kernel .tree.smp) to run on our dual-core chip (ARC EM22FS). I noticed that Freertos SMP version currently is only a development branch. Can we develop products based on this branch ? Are there any other commercial products that already use Freertos SMP?

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Du Lei

Hi, the upstream FreeRTOS SMP branch is still a work-in-progress and is likely to change before release.

As for commercial usage, Espressif and TI provide their SMP FreeRTOS forks for their chips.

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OK, Thank you a lot for the information.