vTaskDelay freezes Task

brisco82 wrote on Thursday, June 07, 2012:


I’m a newbie with FreeRTOS and I can’t make it work properly. I’m just trying to make an LED toggle every 200ms, but the Task “Task1” is executed only once. When I set a breakpoint within the infinite while loop, it is never reached again after the first time.
I have read a few topics on vTaskDelay problems, and therefore checked the tick interrupt. xTickCount in vTaskIncrementTick is incremented properly.
I’m using an UC3L064 on the UC3L0_xPlained board.

Thanks for any help!

Cheers, Tom


Here’s my code:

int main (void)
// USART setup here ....
// create task
	xTaskCreate(	vTask1,		/* Pointer to the function that implements the task. */
					"Task 1",	/* Text name for the task.  This is to facilitate debugging only. */
					240,		/* Stack depth in words. */
					NULL,		/* We are not using the task parameter. */
					1,			/* This task will run at priority 1. */
					NULL );		/* We are not using the task handle. */
     * Register the USART interrupt handler to the interrupt controller.
     * usart_int_handler is the interrupt handler to register.
     * EXAMPLE_USART_IRQ is the IRQ of the interrupt handler to register.
     * AVR32_INTC_INT0 is the interrupt priority level to assign to the
     * group of this IRQ.
// Disable all interrupts.
    // Initialize interrupt vectors.
    INTC_register_interrupt(&usart_int_handler, AVR32_USART2_IRQ,
    // Enable USART Rx interrupt.
    // Enable all interrupts.
	/* Start the scheduler so our tasks start executing. */
} // main
void vTask1( void *pvParameters )
	int rxData;
	//volatile portTickType task1Tick;
	/* As per most tasks, this task is implemented in an infinite loop. */
		//usart_write_line(USART, "Task1 executed!");
		vTaskDelay((portTickType)200 / portTICK_RATE_MS);

edwards3 wrote on Thursday, June 07, 2012:

Did you get your FreeRTOS AVR32 code from FreeRTOS or Atmel? If not from Atmel, then take the code from the atmel software framework, where the code is updated and has some exmples. Search for software framework or ASF on atmel.com.