Using MSP430F149

nobody wrote on Thursday, December 30, 2004:

I am using MSP430 port of FreeRTOSV2.5.4 for my applications. But instead of msp430F449 microcontroller, I am using msp430F149. Can I still use the same files or do I need to make some specific changes?

rtel wrote on Thursday, December 30, 2004:


I think the 449 and 149 are basically the same component with and without the LCD controller.  If this is the case then changes will be minimal as the peripherals used by the kernel will be the same (basically the timer to generate the ticks).

The demo program as downloaded initialises the LCD controller, so if you have a component that does not have the LCD then you will need to modify the hardware setup routine called from the top of main().  You would of coarse need to do this anyway to configure the device for your own application.

Make sure to read the port documentation on the WEB site along with the Configuration section of the API documentation.

Best regards.