nobody wrote on Sunday, February 06, 2005:

Hi, I am trying to port demo application of FREERTOS for MSP430F449 on MSP430F149 given on web site of FREERTOS.

449 has 1 LED and a LCD whereas 149 has LEDs and no LCD.

I tried the demo on 149 to behave in similar manner as it does on 449. like instead of flashing STARs on LCD it should blink LEDs on 149.For this I made some changes in function for initial hardware setup and in function for toggling LEDs, but no success.

Could anybody tell me like what changes do I need to make for this. I will really appreciate.


rtel wrote on Sunday, February 06, 2005:


There have been a couple of other people using the 149.  Take a look at the thread:

You might be able to email through Sourceforge and get a copy of the code.

There is another thread here:

but the first is the best.  Get back to me if you are still having problems.