understanding RTOS certification

alpha86 wrote on Friday, May 27, 2011:

Hi I have read through some of the posts in this forum about certification and understood that freeRTOS is a well intended RTOS which is free and that is good enough. I will like to understand a little bit more about this certification, and hopefully it will be useful for everybody as well.

1) what does it mean by certification? every program out there is custom coded for each application so what does it mean to be certified? In other words, you can have a certified RTOS but if your program is not well coded and something screw up, what does that translate to? Is there a different certification for this?

2) similar to (1), what does certification actually promises?

3) I am assuming these RTOS certification are tied very specifically to hardware. Am I correct?

4) I’m more than welcome if you can share what steps does the typical industry takes to go through all these embedded RTOS certification and testing. Also, if I’m doing a hobby project on freeRTOS and decided to commercialized it, do I need all these certification stuff?


rtel wrote on Saturday, May 28, 2011:

Just to be clear, FreeRTOS does not claim certification - SafeRTOS does.  SafeRTOS branched from FreeRTOS.