uIP 0.9 Vs 1.0

rtel wrote on Friday, May 11, 2007:

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I am using uIP_Demo_IAR_ARM7 port of FreeRTOS, and it
works very well. Thank you for your effort. uIP
version used in this demo is V0.9. I want listen to a
UDP port and calculate checksums. I think this is
possible with uIP v1.0. I think zip file already
include uIP v1.0 code and STR91x demo uses it. Is it
possible to reconfigure IAR to use uIP v1.0. Is this
easy? (I am new to IAR) Does using uIP v1.0 give
better performance results? (protosockets?, for
example web server in LPC2368 uses it)

rtel wrote on Friday, May 11, 2007:

Take a look at the LPC2368 demo application to see which uIP files are required in your build (you can get an eval version of CrossWorks to open the project if this makes it easier).  Note that you have to download the LPC2368 code separately, there is a link on the documentation page for that demo.

One thing to watch out for is the packing and alignment in some of the uIP structures.  When using IAR there are several structure around which you have to place #pragma pack(1), #pragma pack() pragmas to ensure that the compiler does not place padding between unaligned structure members.  If you search the source files for the macro PACK_STRUCT_END() and ALIGN_STRUCT_END() you will see where the pragmas are necessary.