STM32F10x - FreeRTOS - ADC - ISR

valeriogiampa wrote on Tuesday, May 24, 2011:

Dear Collegue,
I have to use an ADC integrated into the STM32F10x microcontroller.
The firmware application is based of STM32 Peripheral Library and FreeRTOS Porting for STM32 Arm Cortex M3 RTOS.
I have to configure the ADC to operate in single channel continuous conversion mode.
i would select the ouuput data of the ADC with the ADC Interrupt service routine.
I don’t know How I can configure the ADC Interrupt and How I can generate an OS Signal in the ADC ISR to start the task.
Can yu help me?
In addition I would like to know if I can use in alternative at the ADC ISR, a DMA to transfer the ADC Output data into the memory without CPU load and How I can do it.

edwards3 wrote on Tuesday, May 24, 2011:

If you have questions about setting up STM32 ADC conversions, then read the STM32 manual, look at the examples ST give you, and then if you are stuck ask on an STM32 forum. This is a FreeRTOS forum.

Hidden in your question is a sub question about how to generate an OS signal to start a task. Every FreeRTOS port has its own demo project, and each demo project includes an interrupt definition that demonstrates what you want to do. Have a look at that first, read the FreeRTOS tutorial books, and inspect the queue and semaphore API function descriptions on the web site (look at the ones that end in the text FromISR). When you have done all that, if you cannot get it to work, then ask again with information on what you have tried and what the problem is.

Until that time, I don’t think anybody here is going to put any time into answering such an open question when all the information you need is already provided.