SMP support for Cortex R or/and A

I’m following SMP development for FreeRTOS for a couple of years.
Is there there something suitable for Cortex R5?

There is an official SMP version on a branch of the kernel’s dedicated Git repo (on cell phone otherwise would give link) - you won’t find a Cortex-A port there yet but that is the port currently being worked on - Cortex-v8A though so different to the R.

There are new models of CPUs that have multiply R5 cores, like TI Sitara am24xx, am64xx. I expect that this would be industry trend in coming years.
CPU has restricted internal memory. SMP would be a great addition that saves footprint and distributes load to separate cores.
Certain applications fit perfectly to SMP.
If we use AMP model, application does not fit internal memory, because part of core is duplicated.

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